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Hello Spring!

Posted on March 22 2011

Spring is here~ She's been peeking around corners for a little while now:

And in the Andewyn Designs Etsy store we've reached 300 sales!  To celebrate, I'm offereing a 20% discount for the next little while using coupon code 300AJ~ 

I'm amazed all the time by this silversmithing path I'm walking.  I've run into road blocks and discouragement along the way, but for those few and very far between times, the things accomplished with flame and metal have astounded and thrilled me till those times pale into a haziness that only contributes to the need to create....that motivates me to keep going.

I also feel blessed to have all you wonderful people around to talk to, share stories and pictures with~  It's wonderful for a girl to know there are people out there who get it.

So we're blooming here in Tennessee. Witness:

I hope you're blooming too~


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