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  • When Jupiter met Baxter

    Jun 27 2008

    I brought Baxter home in January of this year.... Jupiter wasn't too sure about him as he'd been the prince of the house for 3 years......

  • Prose

    Jun 25 2008

    There's a new girl in the shop... and her name is Prose. She's full of contradictions, but that's part of her appeal, sugar and a whole l...

  • On a day like today....

    Jun 23 2008

    Last September, the company I work for had a golf outing at the near by Vanderbilt Legends Golf Club. It was a nice day with coworkers.....

  • Eden

    Jun 18 2008

    Recently I made the Eden collection: Necklace, bracelet and freshly designed earrings to go with them. I finally found a use for those fa...

  • And there was a video

    Jun 17 2008

    Jon made a video of our trip...he's so smart (meow, meow)!

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