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The California earrings are hand forged from sterling silver, including my signature recycled silver fringe beads for a boho feel.  Wonderfully handmade textured circles are embellished with green aqua terra and beaded fringe to remind you of the beauty of California~


Northern California. I visited there last May, landed in San Francisco and headed towards Napa. I drove along the 1 and it was breathtaking. Bodega Bay and the rock formations hugging the coastline with the ocean crashing all around them, little coves perfect for secret hideaways. The 1 was breathtaking, but getting to the 1 was also an incredible journey. I drove through mountainous hills, steep and plunging with cows and sheep dotting the landscape. Houses tucked into the curves of the land and narrow roads with no one else for what seemed like miles around. It made an impression.


The California earrings are my little ode to my travels in Northern California last May. They are composed of sterling silver hoops I forged and formed, texturing them for a rugged and rustic appearance. Attached to the hoops are sterling silver beads I made from scratch and also one incredibly green aqua terra bead each, with shots of tan traveling through their surface. They remind me of the landscape of Northern California. These beads move freely with the hoops and are pretty swanky with their alternating lengths (see the last picture). My hand crafted sterling silver ear wires are soldered right around the hoop, gorgeously round and formed so that they will stay in your earlobes. A patina was rubbed into the surface, adding drama and an overall gorgeous feel to these absolutely delightful girls. Spring is coming and these girls will make you believe it!


The California earrings have a nice weight to them, but will not weigh your ears down~


These girls are just a little over 2” in length. The circles are approximately 18mm.


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