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The Fall earrings are lovely girls handcrafted from copper, brass and sterling silver~


Fall is my favorite time of year. The colors, the crispness, the cozy warmth of spiced cider and bonfires. It’s usually over way too quickly for me, the colors start to fade and winter comes rushing in. I designed these earrings so that a little bit of the fall can always be around for you and me, even when the icy cold of winter begins to set in.


The Fall earrings are composed of sterling silver, brass and copper. A warm and cozy medley of metals and I believe they play nicely together in these girls~ The copper rounds have been given two different treatments for two very distinctly different looks, one heat treated and the other given an aged appearance. The brass was also given a patina to darken it to that gorgeous aged look that usually must develop over time. The colors are very vivid, like the leaves of a grand fall. Each round of copper and brass was hammered to create texture and then wire wrapped tightly to an oxidized sterling silver, hand forged ear wire that I designed specifically for these earrings. They are designed to rest against your earlobe and from the front will give the appearance of post earrings. They fall beautifully in graduated size for a delicious mix of metals and colors.


These are the first of several fall inspired designs to come~


A made to order item.

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